Book the Doctors

Michael and Hal have been performing together as Lounge Doctors since 2012. But they are also available as solo artists and in larger Lounge Doctor configurations.

Lounge Doctors – Original Flavor

Since 2012, Lounge Doctors have been performing as a piano and guitar duo. They play a fantastically diverse collection of music including originals, mashups, rock, jazz and blues. As a duo, Lounge Doctors have played more than 200 shows.

Lounge Doctors Power Trio

For larger venues and festivals, Lounge Doctors play as a power trio with drummers including Lars Hartmann, Ed Butler and Jeff Abate. The trio has entertained at American Tobacco, East Meets West, Lazy Daze, Spring Daze and Fest in the West.

Solo Performers

Michael Pelz-Sherman plays as assortment of jazz, pop, classical and contemporary. He has played solo piano for more than two decades and has appeared at C. Grace, the Washington Duke Inn and for the Carolina Ballet.

Hal Goodtree plays solo acoustic guitar and sings. His repertoire includes contemporary rock and pop, blues, classic rock and an occasional jazz tune. He has been entertaining on solo guitar since he was 15.

We’re Flexible

If you need something special, just add the details in the Booking Form. Lounge Doctors can add percussion to the solo acts or bring in variety instruments including strings and horns.


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