Michael Pelz-Sherman

Michael Pelz-Sherman, PhD, earned his doctorate in music at the University of California.

Michael plays piano, organ, and all manner of keyboard instruments, as well as contributing as a vocalist. He often writes songs about politics and love. An accomplished producer, arranger and composer, Michael likes working with live musicians in the studio.

When he’s not busy with Lounge Doctors, Michael plays with the North Carolina Ballet Company, the North Carolina Jazz Ensemble and with his eponymous jazz group MPS Trio.

Hal Goodtree

Two-time Emmy® winner Hal Goodtree is a filmmaker, photographer, writer and musician.

Hal plays guitar, bass and sings in Lounge Doctors. He writes observational songs, and helps with lyrics for other songwriters. A veteran audio producer, Hal engineers and mixes on many of the band compositions.

When he’s not Lounge Doctoring, Hal takes pictures for Getty Images.